Resilience & Security

The location of your data centre should be situated in an area that offers the minimum of risk and hazards. Many corporates have historically looked for their data centre facility to be within reach of their main centre of operations, although this strategy is changing in respect to many of the medium and large sized corporates. Some companies mirror their primary in-house facility in a separate location, whilst others may just use a separate location for their disaster recovery. In any IT strategy, distance from the business operation (and second site if applicable) is an important factor to consider.


ukdcs-generatorStable national grid electricity backed up with on site diesel generator power will ensure power is achieved 24/7 365 days to protect your systems. Data suites are all protected with fire and detection systems in order to provide 24/7 protection of your equipment.

Our data centres provide excellent diverse bandwidth of carrier neutral connectivity packages that offer the flexibility to suit your current and future requirements.

Building Security:
Facilities are protected to the highest level. External perimeter fencing, manned security patrols, controlled building access via a single point of entry CCTV to all Data Suites / plant rooms, biometric access control and intrusion alarm systems feature within our data centres.

Additional Services:
• Disaster Recovery
• Data Centre Design & Build
• Data Centre Clinical Cleaning
• Zinc Whisker & Particle Testing
• IT Equipment Relocation
• IT Disposal & Recycling

European, Australian and USA Data Centre facilities

All enquires are welcome from outside of the UK. Our services are built around your specific requirements.

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